The Migration Museum Project plans to create the UK’s first dedicated Migration Museum and to tell the story of movement into and out of the UK in a fresh and engaging way.

The museum will be an enquiry into who we are, where we came from and where we are going. Britons at home and abroad have a shared cultural history and an exciting future. We aim to represent the thrilling tales, the emotion and the history that have gone into shaping our national fabric; we aim to be the museum of all our stories.

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Lord Lester of Herne Hill QC

Anthony Lester practises constitutional, equality and human rights law at Blackstone Chambers, including the East African Asians case. Read more

Meet our distinguished friends
  • Imprints: London Migration Walk

    October 16, 2016

    Join us on 16 October 2016 for the Migration Museum Project’s inaugural fundraising walk through London. Read more

  • 100 Images at Huguenot Museum

    June 22, 2016

    In partnership with the Migration Museum Project, a new display at the Huguenot Museum focuses on contemporary images of migration. The images on display reflect on a legacy left behind by the Huguenots, as this country’s first refugees. Read more

  • Call me by my name: stories from Calais and beyond

    Call me by my name: stories from Calais and beyond is a multimedia exhibition, taking place in a momentous month that sees both the EU referendum and Refugee Week. It explores the complexity and human stories behind the current migration crisis, with a particular focus on the Calais camp. Read more

  • 100 Images of Migration

    100 Images of Migration is our flagship exhibition which brings together diverse images contributed by professional and amateur photographers – images that say something about migration to or from the UK. Read more

  • Keepsakes

    Working with communities and individuals, we are exploring the nature and importance of personal keepsakes in telling migration stories. Read more

  • Germans in Britain

    Explore the rich and fascinating history of German migrants to Britain in our new pop-up exhibition.
    Read more

  • RE·THINK Migration

    We collaborated with the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich to explore the theme of migration with visitors from June – November 2015.
    Read more

  • Imprints: our first London Migration Walk

    We went on a walk last Sunday, along with about 130 others. It started in the cold, grey and wet, at a time when many of us would still be, if not in bed, certainly doing nothing much more energetic than turning the pages of a Sunday paper and slurping coffee. It ended in glorious… Read more

  • The poetry of migration

    One of the first events we held in the course of our three-week residency at Londonewcastle this summer (where more than 4,000 people visited our exhibition Call Me By My Name: Stories from Calais and Beyond) was the ‘Poetry of Migration’ on Tuesday 6 June. Michael Rosen (distinguished poet, writer, entertainer – and distinguished friend… Read more

  • Exploring the migrant history of Victorian East London

    What was the attitude of the Victorians to immigration, particularly Jewish immigration? What was the mood of the country leading up to the passing of the Aliens Act in 1905? And what parallels are there between the experience of immigrants then and now, one hundred years later? The focus of this guest blog is Israel Zangwill and… Read more

  • Human Cargo

    One of our core ambitions has always been to tell the long story of migration into and out of this country – partly because every immigrant into one country is an emigrant from another, and partly because people forget that, until the 1970s, the United Kingdom was a net exporter of people: more people left the… Read more

  • Brexit Ground Zero

    One of the more unpleasant effects of the referendum result has been a spike in anti-immigrant activity, with abuse hurled at Poles in the street and graffiti daubed on cultural centres run for and by EU migrants. This change in atmosphere, allied to the uncertainty of their future status in a UK divorced from the EU, has led… Read more

  • Photography in the ‘Jungle’

    This guest blog is written by Rob Pinney, one of the photographers who submitted photos for our exhibition, Call Me By My Name: Stories from Calais and Beyond, which is at 28 Redchurch Road, London, until 22 June (details here). Rob’s book, The Jungle, is on sale at the exhibition and from his website (see… Read more

  • Calais in our hearts

    As a way of setting the scene to our newest exhibition, Call Me By My Name: Stories from Calais and Beyond, Professor Robert Tombs has written this historical account of the city and its enduring importance on both sides of the Channel.    Burghers and roast beef The bit of the continent closest to England has… Read more

  • Kajal Nisha Patel – photographer in flight

    Kajal Nisha Patel’s photographs have long been favourites of ours and of visitors to our exhibitions. There’s a richness to their colour and a vibrancy in their composition that people love, whether in the slyly provocative ‘Nagar Kitan’ (which Kajal previously called ‘No, this is England’) or ‘The Patriot’ or her shot of a pair of… Read more

  • Racist politics and human rights

    A guest blog by Anthony Lester, distinguished friend of the Migration Museum Project, Liberal Democrat peer and author of a new book on the threat to our freedom.   Politicians are all too easily tempted to exploit racism in their pursuit of power. It is a dangerously divisive tactic that plays on religion, nationalism and xenophobia, as… Read more

  • Syrian drought: have its effects washed up in Calais?

    Adam Woodhall visited the migrant camp in Calais in November 2015. In the conversations that followed (particularly one with the MMP’s Sue McAlpine, who is curating Call Me By My Name: Stories from Calais and beyond, shortly to open in Shoreditch, London), he realised that his personal interest in environmental issues, especially drought caused by… Read more

  • A whistle-stop tour of migration in museums and galleries across the world

    We have long admired the work and the writing of Eithne Nightingale, whose blog Chirps from around the World is a wonderful record of her travels and her reflections on migration. Here, Eithne takes time off from her research into child migration (as part of a collaborative doctoral award between Queen Mary University of London… Read more

  • Moving Stories – exhibition competition with OCR

    We are excited to be pursuing our partnership with the OCR exam board on a new exhibition competition. Read more

  • MMP Director Sophie Henderson at TEDxClapham

    MMP Director Sophie Henderson recently gave a talk at TEDxClapham on the important role that migration has always played in the national story. Read more

  • ‘Call me by my name’ exhibition in the news

    Our exhibition, Call me by my name: stories from Calais and beyond, was featured in several news and online media pieces. Read more

  • Remembering Sir Harold Kroto

    It is with great sadness that we share with you news of the passing of Sir Harold Kroto, a Distinguished Friend of the Migration Museum Project, on 30 April 2016. Sir Harold Kroto was a Nobel Prize winner, and one of our first and most enthusiastic Distinguished Friends. Read more

  • Successful crowdfunding campaign for June exhibition

    We successfully completed a crowdfunding campaign for our June exhibition, Call me by my name: Stories from Calais and beyond. The exhibition will launch on 2 June 2016 at the Londonewcastle Project Space at 28 Redchurch Street. Read more

  • MMP trustee John Orna-Ornstein takes on new role at Arts Council England

    We would like to congratulate MMP trustee John Orna-Ornstein on his new role, taking over responsibility for the east of England for Arts Council England alongside his responsibilities as national director for museums. Read more

  • Robert Tombs on English migration history

    On 18 November 2015, Robert Tombs delivered our second Annual Lecture in partnership with the London School of Economics and Political Sciences. Listen to the audio podcast. Read more

  • Adopting Britain at Southbank Centre

    A selection of our 100 Images of Migration and our Keepsakes exhibition featured in this interactive exhibition presented by the Southbank Centre & Counterpoints Arts at the Royal Festival Hall, April – Sept 2015. Read more

  • All Our Stories: Migration & Fashion

    All Our Stories: Migration & Fashion brings you a range of individual stories shared with us by audience members at our Great Minds: Migration & Fashion event in December 2014. Read more

  • Lily Ebert

    Lily Ebert tells the incredible story of her small gold pendant, a photograph of which features in our 100 Images of Migration exhibition. Read more

  • Lord Moser on Migration

    Lord Moser, a Distinguished Friend of the Migration Museum Project, shares his thoughts on the value of migration. Read more

  • Joanna Lumley backs MMP

    Joanna Lumley is a Distinguished Friend of the Migration Museum Project and joined Neil MacGregor (Director of the British Museum) in opening our second touring exhibition, Germans in Britain, at the German Historical Institute in Bloomsbury on 6th October 2014, where she delivered this rousing speech. Read more

  • 100 Images of Migration Online Gallery

    First shown at Hackney Museum, our exhibition is now viewable as an online gallery. Read more

  • How We Got Here: The First Three Years

    Migration Museum Project Spring 2015 Report This report, created by the Migration Museum Project, documents our progress to date and our plans for the future. You can view the full report here: Read more