The Migration Museum Project plans to create the UK’s first dedicated Migration Museum and to tell the story of movement into and out of the UK in a fresh and engaging way.

The museum will be an enquiry into who we are, where we came from and where we are going. Britons at home and abroad have a shared cultural history and an exciting future. We aim to represent the thrilling tales, the emotion and the history that have gone into shaping our national fabric; we aim to be the museum of all our stories.

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  • Keepsakes

    The story of Keepsakes The sensuous, sinuous intertwining of things… Read more

  • Adopting Britain at the Southbank Centre

    A selection of our 100 Images of Migration and our new Keepsakes exhibition feature in this interactive exhibition presented by the Southbank Centre & Counterpoints Arts at the Royal Festival Hall, April – Sept 2015. Read more

  • Michael Rosen on The Languages of Migration

    Michael Rosen speaking in a thoughtful pose, gesturing with one hand, holding his notes in the other

    Audio podcast and transcript of Michael Rosen’s The Languages of Migration talk for the Migration Museum Project – London School of Economics inaugural annual Public Lecture. Read more

  • Boat people over history

    This blog on the subject of boat people, written by… Read more

  • “A keepsake is a very special thing”

    A small artistic elegant metal reindeer with a curved back and head, simple legs and intricate antlers on a small off-white podium with an off-white wall behind.

    In this Guest Blog, Sue McAlpine, freelance curator with the Migration… Read more

  • Access all areas

    ‘Photo man’ Tim Smith – a contributor to 100 Images of Migration – looks back on 30 years of looking in on other people’s lives… Read more

  • Keeping the spirit of Poland alive

    2015 marks 75 years since the Polish government in exile moved to London from Angers following the Nazi occupation of France, and 25 years since it handed back its regalia and constitution to Lech Walesa, the newly elected president of a newly democratic Poland. Read more

  • RE·THINK Migration: Let Us In drama performances + Q&A

    June 27

    Against the background of endless news reports of desperate families stranded in ships on their way to Europe, Corelli College’s talented A Level Drama students wrestle with the dilemma of how to cope with the largest refugee crisis since the Second World War. Read more

  • Some English Nietzscheans

    Photograph portrait of Nietzsche.

    June 23

    As part of a series of talks accompanying our Germans in Britain exhibition run at Murray Edwards College Cambridge, Dr Martin Ruehl looks at the rich cultural exchange between England and Germany in the 19th and early 20th century, with a particular focus on the reception of Nietzsche’s philosophy. Read more

  • Creative Responsibility and Human Rights: Telling the Untold Stories of the Crisis in the Mediterranean

    June 20 @ 1:00 pm

    This Learning Lab hosted by Counterpoints Arts, in association with the Migration Museum Project and the Migrants Rights Network, brings together a mix of people who are actively engaged and interested in making urgent interventions in the representation and communication of the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean. Read more

  • Current exhibition locations – from June 2015

    A snapshot of where you can currently find our temporary exhibitions and spaces – be sure to visit our Events page for full details of these and all associated events. Read more

  • Boat people over history

    This blog on the subject of boat people, written by… Read more

  • Live Twitter Q&A with Camilla Greenwell, Keepsakes Photographer

    Read more

  • RE·THINK Migration with us at the National Maritime Museum

    Colour photograph showing woman and two young boys sitting on a bench on the deck of a P&O ship, a lifeboat in view behind them. The woman wears a long tartan skirt, navy top and patterned scarf and looks directly into the camera. The two boys are dressed in shorts, blazers and long grey socks. The boy to her right is looking up from his book and the boy to her left is peeking up too, either shyly or squinting in the sunlight.

    RE·THINK Migration at the National Maritime Museum is now open!… Read more